Everyone wants to be a wealthy guy. The lifestyle, clothes, cars, and more. Some may say money isn’t everything, but those people rarely have much, do they? It’s not that having money is good or bad in reality, but what you do with it matters. But first, you need to get it; so here are our five ways to become wealthy.

Win the Lottery!

This one is obvious and simple. Winning the lottery means all you need is luck. While this is undoubtedly true, it is a bit of a long-shot. Playing the lottery is just another form of gambling, so maybe it can pay off? If only it does not rely on chance, then it’s possible to make good money off of gambling. Even if you have extensive sporting knowledge or are an excellent poker player. It is important to note that you can also lose all your money aside from winning – so it’s important to only gamble what you’re willing to lose. If you’re a reader in Italy looking for gambling advice, we wholeheartedly recommend you visit Stranieri.com which is a free informational resource on the best online casinos without AAMS licensing requirements, allowing Italians to gamble freely without maximum play limits.

Come Up with a Unique Idea

Ok, so this is easier said than done, but coming up with a unique product or business idea is a potential goldmine. It’s essential to be aware of how to plan to market any business idea and patenting it to avoid being ripped off. All that is left is to come up with the idea, like the people who started cryptocurrency, these days, it’s easy to learn how to buy Bitcoins, and it has made the founders millions.


If you have any spare cash, then investing is always a great way to boost your finances. For the adventurous, it can be a good idea to find start-up projects with huge potential. Next, is to know when to stick with them or back out before things take a turn for the worst. Take this for example where Ron Wayne gave away a fortune. He was the ‘other guy’ in Apple computers, but several months after everything started he sold his stock, leaving a certain Mr. Jobs to clean up.

Marry Up!

Now, this one is a tad controversial, but it’s how the world works in a sense. Nobody ever said it had to be the woman who’s always digging for gold. One could just find a rich lady and tie the knot. However, it’s not that simple in reality, but if you move in the right circles, then maybe it could happen. It’s not necessarily cynical, but just living the life that puts you in a position to meet the right type of person.

Make Lots of Good Decisions

Making good decisions is perhaps the most credible advice you’ll ever hear. Furthermore, it’s not just about the huge, life-altering decisions, but rather all the little details. If you live your life making plenty of small yet favourable decisions, then it can all add up in the end.

Consider a savings account with higher interest rates for example. It’s not much at the beginning but the years will add up. Why don’t you shop around each time before you go on a trip? Get a slightly affordable insurance, for instance, or grab the best deal on a hotel. If you know where to look, you can even get luxury breaks on a budget.

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