After more than a year of social distancing and isolation at home, we might have neglected our wardrobes. Perhaps you are considering some shopping soon, but still thinking about what type of apparel. When frugality is on the top of your list, make sure to sift through the closet just in case there is something that was neglected.  If not, we’re here to help you discover how a leather jacket can enhance your style.

You might have read another article we published that discusses some of the nuances that involve the material in question. In this guide, we hope to provide the necessary details you need in order to purchase the right type of men’s leather jackets. We will be focusing on this versatile piece of outerwear and showcasing some of the cool ways of wearing it.

Before anything else, you should know that there are several types of leather jackets. It’s essential that you understand what each offer in terms of appeal and what they pair nicely with. Among those that remain popular to date are bomber jackets, biker jackets, field jackets, leather blazers, and leather vests among others.

Please note that leather is great for keeping warm, which means our suggestions are ideal for colder seasons or areas with cooler climates. Nevertheless, it does not mean you need to avoid it entirely. Go for suede or vests to beat the heat and still look good. With these in mind, it’s time we learned about 5 debonair ways to style a leather jacket.

Leather Biker Jackets    

You can never go wrong with a timeless ensemble that’s also functional at the same time. Typically, this is the outfit of choice by those who prefer two-wheelers instead of cars. it provides adequate protection against road rash in case of mishaps.

These days, these give the wearer a badass charm normally associated with bikers. Thus, guys who are spending their leisure cruising the open roads need to own one. Metal hardware, a zipper, buckles, belts, and large lapels are common elements of its presentation.

As such, go for jeans and a T-shirt (preferably with graphics of a band or something else). This gives off a rocker persona and can be paired with sneakers or boots of your choosing. Darker colors are the best way to go, but it really depends on your personal tastes.

Leather Bomber Jackets

Also called flight jackets, these frequently saw action in aviation industries of the past, especially during the wartime era. Usually designed with an inner lining made out of various fabrics to keep the user warm. A men’s aviator jacket usually touts a tighter fit on the wrists and waist section courtesy of ribbed hems.

Still, it is not as form-fitting as the others leather jackets as not to restrict your range of motion. Overall, this is a terrific option for folks who prefer a more casual route. Much like biker jackets, a men’s bomber jacket is a classic that refuses to go away.

One of the trendy styles out there combines a sporty profile with a hint of elegance on the side. Either put on a tee or a hoodie with a slim-fitting pair of jeans in darker tones. Slip on a cap or put your hoodie to good use and add a hint of coolness with your favorite sunglasses.

Leather Field Jackets

Here we have another military-inspired piece of gear that the fashion industry has embraced over the years. Unlike regular leather jackets, utility is what it brings to the table. This comes from the pockets which can keep your gadgets or other items within reach.

It’s length is longer than your average jacket, which is why others sometimes refer to it as barn coats. It’s difficult to get it wrong, but we believe that it matches well with a polo shirt or others that have buttons. It gives off a rustic vibe which reminds us of the countryside and cowboys stuff.

To complete your cattle-wrangling attire, the appropriate hat should be the go-to headwear here. On other hand, it would likewise look dapper with dark jeans and boots. Crew neck shirts and sneakers are fantastic for a more laid back appearance,

Leather Blazers

In this list, this leans a lot toward the formal side of things. If your office encourages a business casual type of outfit, a leather blazer is quite adaptable enough to meet your requirements. Suede would be the best thanks to its plush texture and pliable properties.

Still, full-grain leather is equally stunning when you know what to wear it with. For the pants, most types of fabrics would do, but jeans and chinos are a good bet. Don’t worry too much, because most colors would work as long as the blazer is either in shades of black or brown, according to fashion experts.

One drawback here would be in keeping the wearer warm since leather blazers normally don’t close all the way. Nevertheless, a turtleneck or a thicker garment underneath should keep you nice and toasty. If you want to go all the way, matching leather pants will drum up your debonair style choice.

Leather Vests

Rounding out our guide is something for those who want to show their love for riding and keep their arms ventilated in warmer weather. Leather vests are another biker staple that makes you look tough and stylish at the same time.

Some leather vests can also be considered smart casual when it’s worn over the right garb. Maybe as part of a three-piece suit or other similar getups. Ideally, a regular one without any patches or logos of a motorcycle club is handy to have in your closet.


It’s evident that with an open mind and an eye for fashion there is a near-endless number of ways to style a leather jacket.  In the end, what really matters is that you feel good about whatever you are wearing. When there is doubt, don’t hesitate to check our guides like ours online. In fact, most retailers will answer your questions and even make suggestions.