Just when you think the level of refinement can’t go any further, Rolls-Royce shows us exactly how it to do it. Their 2023 Black Badge Ghost is the embodiment of ultimate luxury for the marque’s distinguished clientele. When darker hues are more to your taste, this blackout version of the sedan vehicle should meet the criteria elegantly.

Even though “Spooktober” has officially wrapped up and people had their fill of sweets during Halloween, many are still eager for more. Rolls-Royce gladly obliges by draping this fancy ride in a sinister shade true to its Black Badge designation. Although we do love blackout chromatic schemes, accents on turquoise blue bring out even more of its beauty.

Meanwhile, the automaker’s Bespoke Boutique will gladly configure your 2023 Black Badge Ghost in your choice of color. If it were up to us, we’ll gracefully decline this option and stick with whatever Rolls-Royce envisions this to be. To match the theme, even the Spirit of Ecstasy and other embellishments are shrouded in darkness.

Beneath the bonnet lies a formidable 6.75-liter twin-turbocharged V12 engine mated to a ZF 8-speed automatic transmission. Its powertrain produces 592 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque. Unique to the 2032 Black Badge Ghost are carbon alloy composite wheels. The illuminated front grille further adds to its mysterious silhouette when driving at night.

Rolls-Royce’s renowned opulence continues inside the cabin as the blue leather upholstery creates a striking contrast with the black. No matter how many times you see it, the starlight headliner remains as spellbinding as ever. One interesting aspect of the 2032 Black Badge Ghost is the coat, which supposedly takes 100 lbs of paint and electrostatic technology to achieve the signature aesthetic.

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Images courtesy of Rolls-Royce