Feel at home and stay connected wherever your adventure takes you with the 2022 Living Vehicle Pro-EV. This luxury trailer comes with powerful features that make living off-grid totally possible.

This newest addition is a “living vehicle” in a sense because you can practically live in it for the long run as long as there’s regular sunlight. Its furnishings run on solar energy and it can even power an electric vehicle.

The 2022 Living Vehicle Pro-EV comes with an energy pack that is a great power resource for companion electric vehicles with Level 1 Charging-standard. It runs on solar panels to provide the electricity needed to run all the appliances inside. We’re talking the front-load washing machine, microwave oven, and an amazing 70-inch 4K HD TV with SONOS surround sound.

Likewise, inside you will find all the necessities to make off-grid living a breeze. Forget bringing those portable camping utensils when you have enough storage space inside. It even has a solar fridge and a three-burner oven that runs on a self-contained 80-pound propane tank. Then there’s a full-height toilet and even a spa-style bathroom that features a multi-flow shower panel. Moreover, it has an airconditioning system and a three-zone heating for the bedroom, living area, and bathroom controlled via a digital wall thermostat.

The 2022 Living Vehicle Pro-EV is fully customizable. The sleeping area can easily allow an 80-inch desk with the queen-size memory foam bed folded. It even has a foldable railing that can be raised or lowered with a push of a button. This camper also addresses the need to be one with nature with an eight-foot sliding glass door that opens to the surrounding view. You can set up a fire pit outside for a backyard BBQ feel.

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Images courtesy of Living Vehicle