While everyone else is hitting the beach or trails this summer, there are some of us who are craving another kind of adventure. For some adrenaline-pumping fun, driving a side-by-side always equals a great time. Can-Am is about to shake up the scene with the 2022 Maverick X3. From what we hear, it’s game-changing off-highway UTV.

To tame this beast, you’ll need balls of steel to push it to the limit. Just remember to gear up properly and put on some sunscreen before you take it out for a spin. Under the hood, you have a Rotax ACE Turbo RR triple-cylinder engine good for 200 horsepower.

With podium finishes at the Dakar rally for three years straight under its belt, this is one mean machine. Can-Am now lets you experience what it feels like to drive around in a race-winning platform. The beefy powerplant is just one of the many components that make the 2022 Maverick X3 a champion.

Even when challenging surfaces and terrain lie ahead, the Smart Lok front differential delivers maximum traction. Go on! Make the jump, roll right over that rough patch, climb that dune, and do everything else you want. The robust FOX suspension system will handle whatever you throw at it.

Chunky all-terrain tires in 30” and 32” options on aluminum wheels make short work of anything in your path. Ergonomics and safety come first, so Can-Am gives us 4-way adjustable seats with 4-point harnesses all within a robust yet lightweight chassis.

Nothing beats a killer soundtrack while you’re rampaging across the trail. Can-Am agrees and equips the 2022 Maverick X3 with an audio roof system. The hardtop lifts up to reveal six Bluetooth-ready speakers with LED lighting so you can jam to your tunes anytime and anywhere.

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Images courtesy of Can-Am