Razer prolific use of RGB lighting on almost all of its products has been the subject of jokes among the gaming community. In fact, the feature is what fans look for each time the company launches something new. After giving the Hammerhead earphones the TWS treatment, the brand if finally releasing a model with its Chroma technology.

Back when it entered the smartphone market in 2017, many pointed out a missed opportunity when the device shipped without a backlit triple snake logo. Eager to please its legion of followers, the second-generation handset was packing RGB lighting.

History repeats itself once more as we check out the 2021 version of the Hammerhead True Wireless Pro. The latest pair still retains the stem which the tech industry refers to as an attempt to copy the silhouette of the Apple AirPods. Still, it’s just a minor gripe if you look at the bigger picture.

As we were hinting before, the iconic serpent emblem is now flashier than before. With Razer’s Chroma RGB system built in, users can personalize their Hammerhead True Wireless Pro with up to 16.8 million colors to choose from. Tweak the settings for different lighting effects to stand out from the crowd.

Hybrid active noise canceling with THX high-fidelity acoustic enhancements give you an immersive listening experience. To help during long listening sessions, Razer includes three SecureSeal and three SmoothComfort silicone tips. There’s also a pair of Comply foam tips for optimal comfort.

The Activate Gaming Mode setting prevents latency issues, so game audio matches the action on screen. The Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Pro promises a 20-hour battery life depending on settings and usage patterns.

Buy – $199.99

Images courtesy of Razer