Ask anyone who is the most challenging individual to buy a gift for an its either someone who can afford anything or a gamer. Yes, we who indulge in video games are a difficult bunch to please when it comes to presents. Razer, on the other hand, seems to always have the right stuff nobody knew they wanted – just like the Sneki Snek collection is here.

We’re already several months into 2021 and its way past the month of April to be another belated joke. Over the years, Razer made it a habit to troll its fans and unsuspecting gamers with out-of-this-world items. Although most of these are purely for fun, with enough demand they might just make it for real.

Take for example the Project BreadWinner in 2016, which eventually went up for sale as the Razer Toaster. As expected of the gaming peripherals manufacturer it shipped with underside LED lighting and a backlit three-snake logo.

Hardcore fans know that these serpents are based on the highly venomous Boomslang. For its Sneki Snek collection, Razer turns a doodle by one of its designers into a cute mascot. We think it somewhat resembles Toothless from the How to Train Your Dragon franchise.

Take note that this is not just a marketing gimmick to peddle their wares. Instead, Razer pledges to donate part of the proceeds from sales of its Sneki Snek merchandise to Conservation International. This allows them to save 10 trees for each item sold.

To date, they’re already surpassing the initial goal of protecting 100,000 trees. For each major milestone, Razer plans to add even more Sneki Snek products. For now, you can choose from a head pillow, plushie, floor rug, eye mask, and indoor slippers.

Save our trees: here

Images courteys of Razer