A certain foam clog brand has been the subject of ridicule for years which somehow also gives it the publicity to push sales. Still, many find it hard to justify its purchase unless they too become the subject of public mockery. Nonetheless, the 2021 BEAMS x Crocs will surely find its way into the hands or feet of collectors.

Crocs may be the last thing on your mind when you are about to purchase a new pair of footwear for your upcoming outdoor escapades. Yet, it seems the previous two collaborative projects with BEAMS were successful enough to warrant another capsule for this year.

We have to hand it to the team behind these designs because the latest models are notably functional. It’s somehow strange for anyone to choose these over hiking boots, trail runners, sports sandals, and others. Yet, those who seek the legendary comfort it brings to the table will likely find it with the 2021 BEAMS x Crocs

The collection features two configurations: MILITARY and OUTDOOR. True to its name, the former has a vamp with what appears to be a MOLLE attachment system. There’s no mention of it specifically, but that’s what we can gather from the photos. Also, it comes with a removable pouch that attaches via a strap with a plastic buckle.

The OUTDOOR version of the slip-on goes for a more casual silhouette, but with elements that denote its more trail-ready nature. There is a pocket with a zipper and netting that can hold small items on the vamp. We can also spot a carabiner on the strap across the top. Both of the variants in the 2021 BEAMS x Crocs collection have textile uppers and a rugged outsole.

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Images courtesy of BEAMS/Crocs