You have to leave it up to the Russians to come up with some of the most outrageous builds out there. Some examples we can give you on top of our head include the Sherp ATV, Balamutti Yondu, and so much more. in 2016 we did a small showcase on a rugged motorcycle from Tarus called the 2×2 which was designed for portability. Fast-forward to 2020 and the manufacturer is offering the latest model. So, let’s take a look at what the new one brings to the table.

What makes the original so cool is thankfully still intact as the 2020 Tarus 2×2 promises a unique experience. You see, for quick storage in most SUVs, the motorcycle boasts a quick assembly and disassembly system. Using basic tools which most vehicles have onboard, the wheels can come off the frame with ease. This allows owners to arrange it to make space for other cargo. It even comes with a carrier bag to fit everything.

The 2×2 is equipped with a 210-cc 4-stroke Honda GX-210 engine that produces a maximum output of 7 horsepower. Tarus lists a 4-liter fuel tank capacity which should be enough for about 2-3 hours of use. Meanwhile, its maximum speed is 22 mph might not be that much, but it tackles off-road environments with barely any effort. In fact, demonstration videos show it traverses over knee-deep mud, up a flight of stairs, and even snow.

The most striking feature of the 2×2 is the pair of KingTyre 25E12-9 tires which grants it superior mobility over most surfaces. Thanks to the low pressure, it provides impressive traction and also makes up for the missing suspension system. Tarus attempts to make up for the bumpy ride via the springs beneath the seat.

2020 Tarus 2×2 – $1,700

Images courtesy of Tarus