For those of you who love outdoor activities that involve machines, chances are you’re thinking of SUVs, Trucks, and motocross. However, there are some of us who absolutely love side-by-sides due to their compact nature. There’s no doubt about it, these rides are as capable as their full-size counterparts. Moreover, we even consider some as more dynamic which is perfect for spontaneous excursions off the road. The 2020 Polaris Ranger 150 EFI is a perfect platform to introduce kids to what you love.

With this youth-oriented model, Polaris promises a full collection of safety features. Smart connectivity gives parents or instructors full control over the Ranger 150 EFI. With the help of the companion app, functionality such as speed, range, and ignition can be toggled remotely. The vehicle itself sports seatbelts, an interlocking system, a robust roll cage, and two helmets.

Being a pricey investment, this high-performance UTV will adapt as your kid grows. As such, highly adjustable steering wheel and driver’s seat ensures ergonomic comfort every time. Polaris equips this side-by-side with a 4-stroke single-cylinder air/oil-cooled 150-cc engine. This is mated to an automatic continuously variable transmission (CVT).

With eight inches of ground clearance, the Range 150 EFI can all types of terrain just like full-size models. Aside from recreational purposes, the rear even comes with cargo space. Polaris wants you to finally share your appetite for off-road adventure with our kids. One caveat we want to point out is the lack of an AWD configuration. Nevertheless, the 2WD variant should be good enough to deliver fun anytime.

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Images courtesy of Polaris