Polaris has unveiled a four-seat revamp to its iconic RZR XP Turbo S. While the original model set new standards in nearly every category, the new four-seat upgrade pushes things a notch further. It serves as the first-ever four-seat, off-road monster with a 72-inch stance. You also get 32-inch standard tires, exclusive DYNAMIX Active Suspension, and 16-inch ground clearance. These turn Polaris’ latest rover into a unstoppable beast.

For the four-seat model, Polaris added a reinforced chassis and bigger, stronger axles, not to mention significant performance upgrades across the board. There’s a new isolated front drive with three times higher impact strength. Plus beastly 32-inch tires that are 249% more puncture-resistant than rivals.

The new rover also boasts 25% more assist in terms of power steering, and better steering feel at high speeds. Polaris also calibrated throttle mapping to provide drivers with better and more immediate throttle control, and they also redesigned the clutch box for improved air flow and decreased belt temperatures.

“The launch of the Turbo S platform was met with overwhelming excitement from our consumers, we knew the next step was to make it available in a four-seat model. As a result, we effectively raised the bar again, setting the standard in 72-inch side-by-side performance,” said Polaris’ Chris Musso.

You can now get the 168-horsepower RZR XP Turbo S in either Indy Red or Polaris Blue. Pricing starts at $30,500 — surely a small price to pay for something so agile, robust, and aggressive when it comes to all your off-road adventures.


Photos courtesy of Polaris