Apple undeniably changed the smartphone market with the innovative iPhone X. Not only did it sport the first display notch on a handset, but it likewise established a new price point for flagship handset models. We now witness high-end mobile devices that retail close to or just north of $1,000. Moreover, this is strangely becoming the norm these days. Now, another device is about to sap your bank account dry yet again. Introducing the $180,000 TAG Heuer Connected Full Diamond modular smartwatch..

To justify it costly price and live up to its namesake, the wearable goes overboard to promote its luxury marque. The wearable comes with 589 VVS baguette size diamonds. The clarity flaunted by each stone us reportedly just two grades below internally flawless and flawless. Using its Connected Modular 45 as the starting point, TAG Heuer takes it up a notch with a plenty of sparkling stones and 18k polished white gold.

Using a unique interchangeable system, users can take out the smartwatch module and replace it with an automatic mechanical watch unit a Calibre 5 movement. This is an innovative approach that allows you to choose between going digital or analog.

The TAG Heuer Connected Full Diamond runs Google’s Wear OS and is powered by Intel Atom processor. For comparison, most smartwatches other than Apple’s use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear platform. The 1.39-inch 400 x 400-resolution AMOLED display relies on a 2.5 mm sapphire glass for protection. Sensors on board include a built-in GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, NFC and more.

TAG Heuer Connected Full Diamond

Photo courtesy of TAG Heuer