An unexpected guest just crashed a show during New York Fashion Week 2018. Attendees who looked forward to a catwalk lined with models dressed in the latest trends also caught a glimpse of something exciting. We are talking about the 2020 Kia Telluride that flaunted its wares on the runway. It only seems fitting that it made its debut during the event. That’s because this SUV just got a fresh coat of style courtesy of Brandon Maxwell.

According to sources, the Texas-born fashion designer claims that he always loved the brand. Therefore, he collaborated with Kia on a unique project. What we have is an exclusive variant of the eight-seater that any Texan would undoubtedly line up to own. Going with a theme that purposely reflects Maxwell’s state of origin, the SUV is adorned with a lot of materials that border on the impractical from a carmaker’s standpoint. However, when it comes to haute couture, practically anything goes.

Let’s start with the interior. The roomy cabin receives a healthy dose of natural wood trims that just looks perfect along with the liberal patches of leather all over. It doesn’t stop there—even the exterior components such as the side mirrors, grab handles, and the straps that hold the spare tire all feature brown double-stitched hide. This bespoke 2020 Kia Telluride definitely throws everything that Brandon Maxwell believes best showcases Texas. We hope it will be offered as an optional trim when the SUV officially arrives in showrooms next year.

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Photos courtesy of Kia