The GFC Platform is a thin yet durable rooftop tent that provides enough space for you to lounge in when you are on or off the road. It sets up easily for quick access any time you feel like relaxing after a tiring day of driving.

It weighs just 135 pounds and measures only six inches thick when closed. Made from durable metal and composite material, this tent provides four feet of interior space when set up, enough room for you to relax.

The GFC Platform rooftop tent props up at an acute angle on top of your vehicle to provide you with your sleeping area. Setting up this makeshift shelter is a breeze. It’s a matter of bolt-and-go. It does not require a rack since it mounts neatly atop most vehicles’ mounting points.

Likewise, this tent itself functions as a rack. The track mounting system on its side allows you to attach solar panels or roof racks without having to drill holes or design your own parts.

The GFC Platform tent is proudly made in the USA by manpower and robotic automation– from the machined hinges to the fabric tents. The concept also comes from the company’s in-house designers and engineers.

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Photos Courtesy of Go Fast Campers