Possibly one of the most intriguing two-person overland sleeping campers to be made is the ‘Icarus’ roof conversion made by South Africa’s Alu-Cab for the Land Rover Defender. This aluminum conversion kit turns the beloved 4×4 into the sleeping quarters for the camper.

The slanting roof takes only seconds to extend after which you can access the two-person sleeping area from inside the vehicle. The roof provides enough room to stand up in the camper, and there is a slide-out solar panel for power, while a fold-away stove offers a convenient way to prepare meals. The outside of the camper is illuminated by LED lights, making it easier to see the storage compartment that holds camp gear and cooking utensils. One must take note that the ‘Icarus’ Rooftop camper does add height to the vehicle so be aware of clearances.

Alu-Cab prefers aluminum for its light weight and strength and because it is corrosion-resistant. They state that the camper will likely outlast the vehicle it is built on and that, being a Land Rover, could be a long, long time.