The way smartphones have evolved is pretty astounding, but it’s kind of been a double-edged sword for us consumers. Their cameras have gotten way more excellent over the years, that’s a fact. But manufacturers have been making them thinner than ever before. In effect, you get an excellent camera on your pocket that’s often difficult to hold properly given its thin frame.

Imagine you’re travelling through difficult terrain. Often, you end up missing out on what could be excellent photos, right? That’s because you’re too afraid of taking out your phone and accidentally dropping it. Thankfully, there’s a smattering of cases on the market that promise to give you better grip and control. However, we’d argue the ShutterGrip Smartphone Camera Controller is one of the best options you can buy.

This accessory instantly turns your smartphone (iPhone or an Android) into a serious camera. It features a tensioned grip that allows it to be attached to any smartphone. Yes, even those wrapped in a bulky cases. Moreover, it provides a solid, ergonomic handle with a wireless shutter button. Say goodbye to shaky shots or photographic fumbles.

The accessory’s non-slip, contoured grip lends you a larger, more stable surface to hold. This ensures photos are blur-free and videos are as smooth as possible. The design also includes a tripod screw to make attaching peripherals easier, and the shutter button is removable for remote clicking. For added safety, it also has a lanyard hole and a wrist strap.

The ShutterGrip Smartphone Camera Controller is a must-have for your iPhone and Android toolkit, especially if you’re a serious mobile photographer who always wants to get the perfect shot.