When we hear the word “shapeshifter” we usually associate it with a person or creature that can change into different shapes or forms. We don’t often hear it describe an inanimate object such as a house. Well, that’s what California-based firm OPA called the three-story family home that sits in the deserts of Reno, Nevada–the Shapeshifter House.

The slanted zinc-clad design of the property does not actually shapeshift. Instead, it seemingly blends in with its surroundings, almost making it look like an extension of the desert terrain.

The house sits on a high cliff that gives a scenic view of Reno and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is home to two art collectors and dealers that fancy art of the American West and contemporary art. Thus, it is only fitting that their house speaks of their profession.

The Shapeshifter House features angles and straight edges for a contemporary look, while white and concrete walls and angular black ceilings fill the sections to allow it to blend with the landscape. Sculpted earth mounds surround the home and some portions of the roof to help reduce solar heat gain. Wildflowers, grasses, and bushes further enhance the Western vibe of the 5,900-square feet property.

Despite its arid location, the house features luxurious amenities for a comfortable living. It has an open living room, kitchen, dining area, two car garage, and a wine cellar. The two upper floors each have a bedroom, a bathroom, and a private terrace. There is also a space for the study and art gallery.

Shapeshifter House

Photos Courtesy of Gessato