Originally launched in 1978, Porsche Design’s P’8478 Aviator sunglasses were known back then as “the exclusive.”

They’re a symbol of wealth and prestige, although that rings true even today. In fact, these Porsche aviators are one of the most famous and easily recognizable sunglasses ever made. Moreover, they also marked the debut of interchangeable lenses, which wasn’t in vogue at the time.

The sunglasses allowed you to change the lenses by flipping up the bridge, easily letting you change them if needed. Ever since, the P’8478 sunglasses have become mainstream yet iconic, elite yet accessible, luxurious yet subtle.

It’s not just about the looks, though. These things bring brute to the table as well, with a frame made from high-quality titanium that reduces weight and adds an extra “oomph” to the overall aesthetic at the same time. The lenses are pretty robust as well, featuring unbreakable polycarbonate material back coated with a multilayer anti-reflective coating. Each pair is handmade in Japan.

The automaker actually makes other accessories under Porsche Design, its product arm, which is heavily lauded because the design team treats each item they make with the same sense of engineering they apply to their cars.

The P’8478 is available in ta handful of sizes only, though, so you might be out of luck if you have a slightly bigger head than most people. If it fits you, great — you’ll look awesome and fancy strutting this around the city. Mind you, these are the same specs celebrities like Eddie Murphy, Prince, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, and every one of the Kardashians have worn, and you have Porsche’s unmistakable shape and style to thank for that.