When you lose your wallet, you also lose its valuable contents such as credit cards, IDs, keys, and even your passport.  It’s situations like this that we need a wallet that offers more than just storage space, just like the Wallor 2.0 Smart Wallet.

This EDC is an upgraded version of the original Wallor wallet. It has a global GPS tracking system that helps you keep tabs of your wallet no matter where in the world it is. The GPS comes in the form of a durable tag that’s thin enough to slip through your wallet.  It connects to your phone using Bluetooth 5.0 and provides real-time alerts and directions through a companion app whenever your wallet moves away from you. It offers AR technology to help you find misplaced or lost items easily. Simply scan the area for a quick search.

This smart wallet also serves as a phone finder. A touch on the tag helps you find your phone in seconds. Best of all, the tag works with any items of value that you don’t want to lose including luggage, bag, and more.

Moreover, this innovative product functions as a portable power supply. It provides fast charging for any Qi-enabled devices and the wallet’s battery life itself lasts up to 30 days.

As for organization, the Wallor 2.0 comes in four types: the bifold vertical and horizontal, the travel wallet, and cardholder split wallet. The number of card slots varies depending on the type but each wallet is equipped with an RFID blocking technology to protect your information from data swiping.

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Photos Courtesy of Wallor Wearables