Flashlights or lamps are necessary in times of emergencies such as a blackout or power outage, but when that time comes, we often find ourselves without the right batteries to make them work. We often end up using our phones to light the dark.

The Panasonic Any-Battery LED Flashlight, on the other hand, gives peace of mind when it comes to these dire situations. It excels in convenience by its ability to work with any standard battery. It is compatible with batteries of size C, AAA, D, or AA (batteries not included with the product).

Simply turn the dial to choose the battery type to use. This flashlight works even with just one battery or you can put in up to four batteries. It opens with a push-down and twist motion so you can load the batteries. The front half of the flashlight twists to turn on the light.

The Panasonic Any-Battery LED Flashlight also works as a lantern that provides a brightness of 3 Lx (50 cm ahead) and a brightness of 200 Lx (1m ahead) as a flashlight. It provides illumination for a maximum of 86 hours.

This LED flashlight weighs 8.2 ounces and measures 3.15 x 5.31 inches. It is pretty lightweight and compact enough to bring to any outdoor adventure and not just for home use.

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Photos Courtesy of Panasonic