The DanForce G1 PRO flashlight is “the last flashlight you’ll ever need” and rightfully so considering that it’s not your ordinary torch. It boasts features not found in any other of its kind.

For starters, this modular flashlight adapts to any lighting situation. It features six separate light modes– high, medium, low, strobe modes, SOS, and eco-mode for battery saving options. It has a fast pressure switch that gives you full control of what operation you want.

The DanForce G1 PRO also turns into a lamp with the added lamp attachment. You can also use its added green or red light filter if you are feeling adventurous. Meanwhile, a USB charging slot turns this flashlight into a power bank.

This versatile device features an adjustable tactical head, which you slide to control the focus of your light. Additional batteries give you 12 hours of power and amps up the brightness of the CREE LED performance chip to 1080 Lumens from 570. However, one battery alone gives you 8 hours of illumination.

Aluminum 6061 makes the DanForce G1 PRO amazingly durable. It remains sturdy and functional even when subjected to extreme tests: e.g. submerged in boiling water, lit with fire, covered in mud, and run over by a car.

It is also very lightweight at nearly one pound even with the extended battery. It is portable enough to be carried around with its adjustable hand and neck strap and durable clip. It also has a custom-made bike and weapon mount.

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Photos Courtesy of DanForce