We’re not exactly sure why you’d need an uber-tough and uber-secure armored vehicle to get you where you need to go, but we have different kinds of readers here at Men’s Gear, and if you’re the kind who’s in a position right now where you can’t go from place to place without protection, you’re going to love INKAS’ new ride.

It’s called the Superior Armored Personnel Carrier, and it’ll provide all the protection you’ll ever need while travelling on wheels. This is, after all, from INKAS, which originated as a secured cash transportation firm but now offers basically all forms of secure transportation.

This INKAS armored car boasts an inline diesel six engine that pushes its horsepower up to 330. Add to that 950 lb-ft of torque and you’re looking at an extremely fast and robust car. You won’t buy this for its speed, of course. That said, it’s nice to know it can get really fast if need be.

The car’s transfer case is rated to withstand over 10,000 lb-ft of twisting force, and it also features an easy-access rear hatch that allows for quick disembarkment of the passenger area. All critical areas are protected with B7 ballistic armor, from the engine bay to the driver to the passenger compartments. The INKAS armored car also rocks a thermal and infrared optics package, which could be helpful in some scenarios. It’s unclear what those are, but you can’t be too careful, right?

The INKAS Superior APC is definitely the car to get if you want next-generation level of secure transport. This ride is practically indestructible and will guard your life as your cronies try to come and get you. Just kidding.