The Litra Torch provides you with four hours of endless lighting possibilities in one compact, pocket-friendly device. It’s great for indoor and outdoor activities and guaranteed to last you for years with its durable and military-grade quality.

It’s called the studio lighting in your pocket and we can’t agree more. This small device functions with a simple touch and packs intense brightness of up to 2200 lumens, with 800 lumens of continuous, high-quality light, although you can also set it to either 100 or 450 lumens, depending on your need.

This torch is the perfect tool for photographers and videographers alike because of its intelligent design and built-in LED Technology. It features an ultra-wide beam angle to match camera wide-angle formats and does not leave hot spots.

Likewise, the Litra Torch is ideal for action and adventure. It’s perfect for outdoor enthusiasts because of its multiple mounting points. It also provides flicker-free light, which makes it ideal for camping or trekking and night rides with your bike.

Meanwhile, military-grade ruggedness– at 810G MIL-SPEC rating, makes this device resistant to rough usage. Its aluminum body is drop-proof, and best of all, it is waterproof up to 30 feet, so you can take it with you scuba diving or surfing.

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Photos Courtesy of Litra