The Prelude Wireless Power Bank charges devices without the need for cables. It provides on-the-go power and allows uninhibited usage of your phone while charging.

This device lets you charge and use your phone at the same time. It simply sticks to the back of your smartphone through magnetics or microscopic nano suction cups, thus still allowing you full control over your device.

The suction works even on the glossiest of surfaces and securely holds your phone in place, so you don’t have to worry about accidental drops while you use your phone.

The BEZALEL Prelude Wireless Power Bank comes with a unique activation method. Instead of pushing a button to power it up, you just shake it. Then you stick it to your device and electromagnetic induction wirelessly charges your device.

This power bank boasts 5000mAH of battery capacity to charge your mobile devices with a maximum output of 15W. It can boost up an iPhone at half the time using fast-charge technology. It also comes with a handy USB-C port for non-wireless charging.

The BEZALEL Prelude Wireless Power Bank has a compact design that makes it convenient to carry around for on-the-go power. It is lightweight at just 5 ounces and sleek at half an inch thick only.

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Photos Courtesy of BEZALEL