In order to maximize our time for other productive activities, we need to make some changes in the near future. As the market grows, it demands more of our attention so we can focus on what matters the most. Experts from the automotive industry suggested that one way we can free up more time is for computers to take over all the driving. A ground-breaking new driverless tech system called the Volvo Vera will upgrade transport services globally.

The carmaker recently hogged the spotlight with the 360c Concept that hopes to usher a new era of personal transportation. The vehicle sports a modular cabin that can function as an office, leisure lounge, and more. The passenger is free to work, rest, or entertain guests, while the AI system takes over the driving. It seems that Volvo plans to implement the same idea to move large volumes of cargo across the highways.

This futuristic vehicle showcases an interesting design. You will immediately notice that it’s lacking a cabin—to presumably highlight its designation as an autonomous vehicle. The transport is powered by electric motors and projected to handle short-haul routes for the meantime.

A fleet of computer-controlled Volvo Vera vehicles will be connected to a cloud server monitored by a team of trained personnel. Recognized as the market leader in car safety, we can expect cutting-edge failsafe systems to ensure that everything works as intended.

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Photos courtesy of Volvo