Light is as much a necessary commodity for survival as is fire. The new FlashTorch Mini ($200) flashlight from Wicked Lasers, can provide you with both in one package. Patterned from their very popular larger version, this miniature sized flashlight still has all the features of its larger brother. Three power settings let you select from merely illuminating your surroundings to the top setting which produces enough focused heat to bring a fire to life.

Made from military strength anodized aluminum, the barrel of this 2,300 lumen torch will withstand many years of service. Not only does it come with a charger for the Lithium-Ion battery pack but the included battery can last for up to 1,000 hours of careful use. Admittedly, using the “Burn” feature will shorten this somewhat but fire at the right time is survival itself. A heat-resistant lens and reflector round out the long life of this most brilliant light. Whether it is camping or roadside emergency, this flashlight is the perfect answer to succeeding in a jam.