The Flipside 4 Wallet is your go-to-wallet if you want to carry several cards with you but want to be inconspicuous in doing so. This everyday carry doesn’t look like your typical wallet and appears more like a small tool kit.

Its unique appearance though speaks for its durability and reliability. This wallet not only protects your card from data swiping with its built-in RFID blocking system which uses aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. Its crush-resistant clamshell design also protects the contents from accidental spills, drops, or unexpected storms and prevents cracks and bents on the card.

This wallet is made from high-strength polycarbonate resin and aluminum to deliver scratch resistance yet it is lightweight at just 3 ounces. It also fits nicely in the pockets because of its rounded corners and smooth edges.

Moreover, this EDC features an ergonomic locking button that flips the wallet open with a push. It opens clamshell for instant access to the cards or cash inside. It has three separate card slots and can accommodate seven cards. Each slot features a strong grip on both sides to secure the cards even better. It also has a dedicated cash compartment with a built-in money clip for your bills.

The Flipside 4 Wallet comes in a variety of colors to fit your personal style. It is available in stealth black, mech grey, trooper green, flare orange, impulse blue, and punk pink.

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Photos Courtesy of Flipside