Luxury timepieces are intricate mechanisms that are normally insanely accurate. Unlike mundane models, these often feature manual or automatic movements. The former requires the owner to manipulate the crown—often on a daily basis—to keep the mainspring primed. The latter relies on the natural motion of our hands to keep the complications powered. If you’re not planning to use your automatic wristwatch for a while, but want to keep its timekeeping accurate, then a watch winder like the Bernard Favre Planetary Double-Axis might just be the thing you need.

It’s a perfect companion to keep your premium timepiece primed and ready whenever you need it. The base uses top-grade leather that comes in several colors such as green, black, tan, silver, and orange. Your watch will be positioned right in the middle of a double-axis movement set of rings that becomes a gyroscopic work of art in motion. The rings are fashioned out of stainless steel and can be coated in glossy chrome, gold, or black. The set also includes a beautiful glass bell cover to keep dust away as well as a leather travel case.

The built-in battery will keep the device functional up to 120 days and recharges with the supplied USB cable. To ensure that you’re getting the best quality, the Swiss brand offers a two-year warranty. The Bernard Favre Planet Double-Axis a magnificent companion to match the elegance of your automatic timepiece collection.

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Photos courtesy of Bernard Favre