The OraSaifu digital smart wallet is here to change how we handle our payments. After all, the need for cash is slowing ebbing away as more establishments opt to process transactions electronically. As the world’s financial sectors steadily inch forward to paperless systems, some industry experts even predict that credit cards might eventually become obsolete.

Major tech brands like Google, Apple, Samsung, and others have already adopted the NFC payment platform. Meanwhile, there are those who prefer to deal using cryptocurrencies, which adds another level of privacy for its users. The smart wallet aims to become the world’s first hardware platform that services both regular banking institutions and cryptocurrency. It can be used to store credit cards, digital assets, and your security details to unlock smart doors as well as other devices.

It comes with a built-in security chip with TEE+SE protection that safeguards both hardware and software from hackers or malware. This pocketable NFC-enabled device sports a polished aluminum shell that houses a rear-facing camera and only weighs 65 grams.

Users can interact with it via the 4.13-inch 1200 x 720-resolution LCD touchscreen, which is protected by a Sapphire crystal panel. The 500mAh battery offers a 7-day usage time and can be fully charged within an hour. Project backers can grab it for only $159 before it ships out on October 2018 with a retail price tag of $359.

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Photos courtesy of OraSaifu