When people talk about France, the country might be immediately associated with romance and excellent cuisine. Nevertheless, a manufacturer that has been around since 1890 begs to differ. Opinel, a French company that is known for their quality pocket knives introduces the N°08 Black Oak. At a glance, it continues the traditional design that makes the brand recognizable with its folding blades paired to a wooden handle.

To make sure that the blade stays securely in place, the pocket knife uses a Virobloc twistlock (a safety mechanism that was invented by Marcel Opinel in 1955) that holds it in place when the business end is folded in or when it’s drawn out.

As a mark of quality, you can be sure that the N°08 only settles only for the best with its Swedish-made stainless steel components. To be specific, the metal selected during the forging process is Sandvik 12C27, which touts excellent corrosion-resistance courtesy of the added chromium and maintains its sharp cutting edge thanks to the additional carbon.

Both the blade and the locking apparatus are given a matte black surface treatment. This noticeably gives it an elegant appearance alongside its handle, which, given its namesake, is made from oak wood taken from French forests.

The blade carries a Yatagan design and measures 8.5 cm, while the handle is coated with a colorless varnish that allows it to brandish the intricate patterns featured by the type of wood. We agree that everything comes together to make the Opinel N°08 Black Oak a worthwhile pocket knife to have in your collection.

Opinel N°08 Black Oak

Photo courtesy of Opinel