As drones grow in popularity and usefulness they are increasingly being designed for specialized tasks. Case in point, the amphibious Splash Drone 3 ($1,149), so water-resistant it can even land on the surface and film underwater with its 2-axis integrated 4K waterproof gimbal camera!

The drone is made to work in the rain and around both fresh & salt water. The waterproof body is made of reinforced 3mm ABS material, which is buoyant and corrosion-free, while the external steel parts and propellers have a waterproof coating. The Splash Drone 3 comes in two versions. The Auto comes with the camera and the Fisherman comes standard with the Payload Release System which can airlift supplies or emergency equipment weighing up to 2.5 pounds out to its effective range limit of slightly over a half mile.

The four 620kv high-torque motors with their self-tightening propeller mechanisms are also waterproof. Despite being designed with such extreme water protection, the Splash Drone 3 is NOT a submersible craft. For deeper explorations, check out the Gladius underwater drone.