Right alongside the conquest of the immediate skies with aerial drones, the exploration of the sea has seen its fair share of curious remote explorers. The new Gladius Ultra HD Underwater Drone ($600) is seeking to find its place.

The 6.6 pound submersible comes in two configurations, both of which come with the standard 98 foot tether up to the Wi-Fi equipped surface buoy with a 328 foot optional upgrade. The Gladius’ depth limit is that 100 meter length. The battery allows about a 3-hour run time on each 1.5-hour charge. The system of Quattro navigational thrusters allow the Gladius to respond easily and accurately in its 3D aquatic environment, while the rear thrusters provide a 4-knot top speed which equals to two meters per second.

For exploration and video documentation, be it sea life or sunken ships, the HD 1080P/4K camera provides optimized underwater photography. Controlling the Gladius through your smartphone remote control gives you on the spot visuals in real time for quick response. If you’ve ever wanted to explore the deep and mysterious ocean, the Gladius offers a super-convenient way to do it.