MB & F Arachnophobia Clock 1

The MB & F Arachnophobia ($15,700) is one of the most unusual (and insanely expensive) clocks we’ve ever seen. But that’s not so surprising considering it comes from the same avant-garde Swiss-based company that brought us the Musicmachine and the Space Pirate watch.

Inspired by the work of Louise Bourgeois- an influential figure in modern and contemporary art- Arachnophobia is modeled after a giant 30 ft spider sculpture titled Maman (mother in French). The high-end clock features a L’Epée Swiss movement housed inside the spider’s torso and head, while a black dome with white numerals displays the hours and minutes. The highly-visible movement runs by winding a key that needs to be turned every 8 days or so.

Eight movable legs extend from the central piece, linked by ball&socket joints to create a lifelike effect. The clock can be wall-mounted or placed on a desk, standing 8 in tall with its legs extended. Offered in black or 18 karat gold-plated ($18,000), the MB & F Arachnophobia is hand-finished and laquered following the same processes applied to luxury wristwatches. While it might seem like a lot of cash to drop on a clock, this stunning work of art could be worth more over time because they make very few copies, and collectors love them.

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