We’ve feature aplenty from Cool & Vintage, stylized as COOLNVINTAGE, and for good reason. First of all, their custom jobs are pretty sick, and if you ever end up in Lisbon, it’d be a sin not to least stop by their workshop.

Cool & Vintage’s latest handiwork puts a 2013 Land Rover D90 on the chopping block, where it loses its signature rear shell. Don’t worry, though. When Cool & Vintage taketh away, it also giveth. The D90 in question sports Marshall wireless speakers and an updated A/C unit, just two creature comforts that make this ride a modern-day pleasure. And since it’s still a Land Rover D90 at its core, you’ll find the well-designed principles still intact.

We’re talking Bespoke Cognac Connolly leather trim alongside a Keswick Green colorway that pairs “rugged” with “utilitarian” perfectly. Off-road ready, too, so you can be sure it’ll come out alive even if you put it through the wringer. Needless to say that this is one of the most notable custom rides we’ve ever seen. It’s got no fancy bells and whistles like this Mad Max-inspired 1973 Plymouth ‘Kuda’ Barracuda By Aaron Beck, sure. But you know what? Simplicity is still key, and that’s what Cool & Vintage nails, always.

The Land Rover D90 in question is currently listed for sale on Cool & Vintage website. We have no doubt Land Rover fans will quickly scoop this one up and chuck it in their garage. There’s no exact price, though. If you want a quote, you’re going to have to inquire ask Cool & Vintage directly.


Photos courtesy of COOLNVINTAGE