Aaron Beck hasn’t made a name for himself in the custom sphere yet, but with this, it’s clear that’s exactly what he’s doing. The 1973 Plymouth Kuda Barracuda will certainly put Beck on the map of customizing wunderkinds. And you’ll be hearing a lot from him moving forward.

Beck’s artful approach to the 1973 Plymouth Barracuda is multi-dimensional, and that’s no surprise. Beck’s been spending time at the top brass. He previously worked at the iconic prop and VFX house Weta Workshop. And his name appears on films like Mad Max: Fury Road.

Suffice it to say that this custom ride is a fine example of Beck’s skills and showmanship. He stripped it down to the very bare essentials, resulting in a largely matt coating that evokes a certain visceral feeling of minimalism, but with an edge. He also custom-braced the chassis from top to bottom. Not satisfied, he took things further by adding a full interior roll rage for extra safety and reinforcement.

The V8 engine is just as impressive as the ridiculously inspired finishing touches outside. You’re talking 500 ponies on this bad boy. No doubt Beck took one or two cues (or maybe several) from the franchises he’s been in, as the car looks straight out of George Miller’s desert dystopia. It’s like a steampunk vehicle that was cobbled from decaying parts hauled right out of a futuristic junk shop. Then, in a fit of creative genius, repurposed into a minimalist, semi-symmetrical beast that menacingly redefines the word “intimidating.” Beck isn’t messing around.


Photos courtesy of Aaron Beck