“Man Overboard!” This probably the most chilling call one can hear in both the maritime industry and leisure cruises. Although modern ships are designed to withstand even the roughest sea conditions, there is still a risk of those aboard falling into the water. The 1st Mate Marine Safety and Security System might be what nautical professionals need to minimize loss of life in such events.

Statistically, those without personal floatation devices are likely to perish if help does not arrive in time. Therefore, those regulating trips out at sea should recommend the use of multiple safety platforms. Aside from the personal safety of those on the watercraft, the 1st Mate is also what the manufacturer describes as a theft-deterrent.

With the help of a companion app, crew and passengers need to pair the handy fobs. You can pair up to seven 1st Mate devices. Those in charge should accomplish this before the vessel departs. Each wearable fob is then digitally assigned according to the individual who has it.

Those who have it with them when they accidentally fall in the water will automatically alert the captain. Moreover, it will generate the GPSS pin location of the user. Meanwhile, the unit that is with the captain is unique. It will automatically activate an alarm and stop the engine if he/she falls overboard. The 1st Mate system will then issue rescue instruction to those aboard.

If they are unable to save the skipper, it will then send out a distress signal to those whom the mariner has designated as emergency contacts. Finally, the 1st Mate also prevents others from stealing ships that are moored or docked. The engines will only activate until the appropriate fob is within a specific range.

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