It’s a funny thing because just recently we had the pleasure of showcasing a fully kitted Suzuki Jimny from WALD called the Black Bison Edition. We pointed out that the mini SUV had the appearance wherein it might pass off as something Jeep or Mercedes-Benz would offer. Now, what were showcasing is a 1991 G-Wagen which Expedition Motor Company (EMC) is calling the 1991 250GD Wolf. Even on first glance, the namesake seems appropriate given it looks like a ride that belongs in the great outdoors.

Successfully restoring a vintage machine is a test of patience that one should not rush. As such, EMC reveals that around a thousand-man hours were dedicated for this example. The donor vehicle is a 1991 Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen that undergoes a complex series of restorations and modifications. The effort that goes into it seems worth it after you see a classic come back to life. Moreover, it even packs some subtle tweaks to improve the experience.

The exterior of the Expedition Motor Company 1991 250GD Wolf flaunts a coat of Olive with the front/rear bumpers and fender/flares in black. The latter color extends inside as it provides a nice contrast with the brown vinyl upholstery of the seats. This just about does it for what we can immediately see, but there’s more good stuff within.

You see, the shop prides itself in the quality of the vehicles that roll out of its garage. Under the bonnet is a Mercedes-Benz OM602 engine with EMC pairs with a 5-speed 711.117 manual transmission. Meanwhile, to ensure that it exceeds all performance expectations, the powertrain has been overhauled with some worn out parts replaced. The Expedition Motor Company 1991 250GD Wolf is one remarkable restomod.

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Images courtesy of Expedition Motor Company