Zombie Tools out of Missoula, Montana have just added a new tool that may just help keep you alive through whatever apocalyptic future you may encounter. They call their first incursion into axe making the Traumahawk ($250) for a very good reason.

The axe is full-tanged heavyweight made of 6150 steel, featuring a hooked axe beard on the blade for extra carnage in each blow. The other end of the endurance tested blade ends in a razor-sharp poll spike “that can bust a window, a car door lock or a cranium.”

Being full tang (one piece) makes the 2-pound Traumhawk balance differently from a traditional wooden handled axe. It is however, well-balanced for throwing as well; averaging one rotation per three paces. This fully functional, dark fantasy weapon comes with a Kydex blade cover & cord handle strap, and it would make a great addition to your Couchbunker.