We recently noticed a trend wherein most of the watches we’ve featured are usually presented in a myriad of colors. The use of vibrant tones does add a bit of playful flair to what would be otherwise just another average timekeeping instrument. However, when you choose to keep things as understated as possible, the Super Sea Wolf LHD Pro-Diver GMT is an excellent option.

Given Zodiac has several models that flaunt attention-grabbing chromatic combinations, the almost Stygian Super Sea Wolf LHD Pro-Diver GMT feels like a major departure from the watchmaker’s preference for palettes that pop. Still, we find the dark tonal theme fitting for this robust silhouette.

Although there are blacked-out timepieces without any luminous elements, this entry understands how essential low-light visibility can be. Hence, beyond the black DLC coating applied to almost every 316L stainless steel component, SuperLumiNova adorns the hour markers, scales on the bezel, and spines of the hands.

The Super Sea Wolf LHD Pro-Diver GMT comes in a 42 mm case with a rotating bezel, and sapphire crystal. Surprisingly, some might easily overlook a cool detail about its crown layout. Those familiar with some horological nuances will love the destro placement. It’s a setup that benefits users who want comfort and prevents unnecessary injury to the back of the hand.

Zodiac then pairs it with a black rubber strap. “This reimagined, limited edition timepiece brings together the technical achievements of the ISO certified Super Sea Wolf Pro-Diver with a universal Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) tracker that allows users to tell time in two places simultaneously,” reads the product description.

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Images courtesy of Zodiac