A good multi-tool always comes in handy for any outdoor activity. Whether you’re out camping, trekking, or even fishing, it’s always a good idea to have reliable utility gear. But pair that with a fire starter and you’ve got yourself the Zippo Surefire Multi-tool.

This keychain multi-tool has everything you need to set up a campfire with its built-in flint wheel ignition and provided fire paracord. The wheel and flint create a spark in almost any weather condition. When you have something combustible on hand to use with the spark then you should be set.

However, the Zippo Surefire Multi-tool has got you covered regardless. The wax-coated paracord, which measures 15 inches long, provides a frayed strand that you can start a fire with. If the need arises for more flame or heat, then you can make use of the added cutting tools.

This utility gear gives you a double-cut saw blade and a 420 high-carbon steel cutting tool to make wood fuel. The foldable tinder grater even helps with preparing wood shavings. When the fire is up, then it’s time to relax and pop a bottle of drink with the added bottle opener. This tool also has a flathead screwdriver and bail.

The Zippo Surefire Multi-tool can store up to two extra flints and starts up to 15 fires at one-inch long flint or 12 fires at 3cms each. For portability, it has a built-in attachment point for a paracord or carabiner. It is just the right size to fit comfortably in the hands at 1.14 inches long and 3.60 inches wide and lightweight at 3.61 ounces.

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Images courtesy of Zippo