Zippo is already a household name when it comes to lighters, but its lineup has expanded into other segments as well. As the cooler season pushes us to hit the trails for some hiking or camping, gear like the Fire Starting Multi-Tool is a must-have for convenience and survival in the wild. Here’s what this bad boy brings to the table.

Presented in a familiar Swiss Army knife form factor, the Fire Starting Multi-Tool is compact, versatile, and durable. To ensure it’s up for any task, Zippo builds it out of the most durable materials. The geometric outline is bold and stylish with vibrant red knurled scales and embossed branding. The hi-vis shade makes it easy to spot in case you drop it by accident.

The textured handle provides a solid grip when in use as it features a double-cut saw blade and a 420 high-carbo steel knife blade. It measures 1.14″ x 3.60″ x 0.69″ (H x W x D) and weighs 0.23 lbs. As the name alludes to SKU: 40549 is equipped with everything needed to build a fire for cooking or warmth.

The Fire Starting Multi-Tool includes a fire paracord with a wax-coated red strand, a tinder grater extension, and a flint wheel igniter. The former can be attached to the lanyard loop, while the latter two fold flush into the body. Zippo recommends that you start off by igniting the fire paracord and adding gradually wood shavings. 

Work your way up with larger pieces of wood as needed. Store up to two extra flints just to be on the safe side. There’s also a flat-head screwdriver, bottle opener, and bail. The Zippo Fire Starting Multi-Tool also makes a great gift for the adventurers in your family or as a survival tool in your EDC loadout.

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Images courtesy of Zippo