Electric scooters are now modern conveniences when it comes to getting around congested traffic. They can get you to your destination, do not contribute to air pollution, and are compact enough to hurl around. The Zipper Kick Scooter by designer Rostyslav Matiukhin is different from its kind though. It folds down to a compact size for easy transport and storage.

But let’s get to its working mechanism first. This scooter comes with a 500W motor that can get up to a top speed of 20mph with a maximum range of 16 miles on a single charge of its 10Ah battery, which fills in approximately four hours. It can go up inclined roads with a 25-degree slope and can carry a max weight of 125kg.

The Zipper Kick Scooter is designed with the rider’s convenience in mind. Despite its sleek and minimalist frame, there is enough foot space to maneuver with ease. Speaking of maneuvering, this ride has an independent 4-link suspension (just like those found in F1 cars) made out of composite materials to guarantee shock absorption. 

Moreover, this e-scooter has three wheels (two at the front and one at the rear) and a tiltable fork and they work together to maintain balance even when making tight turns. They ensure comfort and stability and make it easy to overcome road obstacles. 

The Zipper Kick Scooter likewise has a monochrome display that shows the current speed, total range, mileage, and a holder for smartphones. It also comes with a quick-release 21L luggage and a 1000 lumens headlight with a max beam trail of 200m. The light features five modes including an 85-degree flooding angle to make dark paths ahead visible. Best of all, an electric lift system folds the scooter down to half its size for easy storage and transport.

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Images courtesy of Rostyslav Matiukhin/Behance