Don’t you ever wonder what would happen if you somehow forgot to charge your EV before a long trip? Regrettably, if the battery goes empty with no charging station in sight, you’re practically screwed. Nobody wants to be in that situation, which is why ZipCharge introduces a convenient solution. The Go is for zero-emission transport as power banks are for smart devices.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what needs to be done. However, the ZipCharge Go is aiming for a sleek design with versatile features. Aside from marketing it as an emergency power source only, the company is addressing another issue.

According to surveys, a crucial factor as to why folks are hesitant to go all-electric is the unavailability of off-street parking. Unlike homes that have garages that can be fitted with charging stations, some dwellings do not. This is where its portability comes in.

About the size of a carry-on suitcase, it’s compact enough to fit in the trunk of your EV. At roughly 50 lbs., the built-in wheels and telescoping handle should make it easier to move around. As long as whatever needs charging is compatible with a Type 2 port, it should work with the ZipCharge Go.

The manufacturer will start off with two capacities: 4 kWh and 8 kWh. The smaller of the two is supposedly capable of adding 12 to 20 miles, while the bigger delivers 25 to 40 miles more. Don’t let unpredictable weather stop you as it’s built to remain operational. If it were up to us, backup power systems like the ZipCharge Go are a must-have for modern EV owners.

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Images courtesy of ZipCharge