The eventual electrification of the automotive industry appears to be inevitable. This is crystal clear as even the most prestigious of automotive brands are now revealing their plans for future electric vehicle platforms. Even the manufacturers who were initially adamant about breaking tradition are now considering the production of battery-powered alternatives. Zero Labs, on the other hand, are approaching things a little bit differently with their latest system for more classic cars.

According to surveys, what pushes some folks to stay away from emission-free options is their love of classic automobiles. In fact, most of them hold on to their aging rides which they keep in running condition through regular maintenance and conservative driving. Thus, Zero Labs’ conversion kit hopes to appeal to those who are interested to go eco-friendly but retain the overall look.

Zero Labs is already enjoying the popularity of its original release which was compatible with old-school Broncos and Land Rovers. Now, it’s extending the same service for even more models. This includes vehicles such as 4x4s, muscle cars, pickup trucks, and sports cars, among others. The process takes approximately 30 days and starts with an overhaul of the original gas-guzzling powertrain.

What follows is a rebuilding of all the components and sections that need it. Then, Zero Labs engineers will customize everything else to fit the configuration of the machine in question. Another notable feature is an upgradable battery system that can deliver up to 235 miles of range. So what are you waiting for? It might be time to give that old-timer gathering dust in your garage a new lease of life.

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Images courtesy of Zero Labs