Feeling a bit light headed? Want to know your heart rate? Need a quick automated medical exam? Maybe not, but even so the Zensorium Tinke ($119) is a fantastic little wellness and stress level monitor. It can be placed straight onto an Apple iPhone, and then a thumb placed on the device will begin reading vital medical information. Heart rate, blood oxygen, heart rhythm, and breathing rate are all monitored and all with just one pinch of the thumb.

We have taken a look at the Zensorium Tinke in a hands-on test, and while we wouldn’t recommend getting rid of your doctor, it is a good tool for casual checks of your health. Likewise we would say there are more in-depth health monitors out there, so fitness fanatics may want to look elsewhere, but in terms of a cool gadget that serves a function for the more casual people out there we think the Zensorium Tinke is a great exercise companion.