Vollebak continues to provide customers with the toughest garments that can withstand just about anything thrown their way. Back in 2020, the brand released the 100 Year Ski Pants and they have spent the past two years in R&D building its newer version or the 100 Year Pants V2.

The upgraded version is even tougher and loaded with all the features you’d want in an outdoor wear that can handle extreme adventures. It is fire-resistant, water repellant, and windproof. It is also highly resistant to abrasion and tears yet is very comfortable to wear with its four-way stretch fabric. 

As such, the Vollebak 100 Years Pants V2 is designed to combat everything from wildfires to wild weather. Yet it is made lighter, stronger, and in a stylish design that can easily take you from work to play or vice versa. It comprises of strong layers for protection and durability.

The outer layer is made with nylon ripstop coated with water-repellant treatment to resist light rain and snow. Then the middle layer acts like an airbag and expands to 1000x its size to keep you protected when it gets in contact with fire. Lastly, the third layer is made from aramid, the same material used to make body armor.

Aramid fibers are 5x stronger than steel on a weight for weight basis and are inherently fire resistant. Adding this layer to the inside of the pants creates creates another high-strength, flame resistant protective barrier. The fibers are also made smooth and soft to feel like cotton.

The Vollebak 100 Years Pants V2 also come woven with anti-static carbon fiber for protection from electrical discharge or from triggering explosive devices. Even the seven pockets are lined with ultra-tough Cordura to prevent wear and tear. Vollebak also included 5% elastane into these pants so they can stretch or move along with you. movements 100 Year Pants so they stretch in every direction, and the knees come with an articulated construction, while a curved panel at the crotch allows for a comfortable movement. 

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Images courtesy of Vollebak