The Oak & Iron Wave Pro Electric Pump is your ultimate solution for inflating gear quickly. It’s labor-saving, portable, rechargeable, and versatile: it works for outdoor and home backyard use.

This high-pressure pump is designed for inflating sizeable outdoor gear at a 2.5x faster pumping power. Its dual-motor design efficiently fully inflates your gear from 0 to 15 Psi in under 6.5 minutes. Stage 1 puts it on Turbo mode with an output of 350L/min and Stage 2 is Pressure Up mode with an output of 70L/min. Thus, saving you time and energy and more time for fun. Pumping automatically stops when the preset pressure is reached.

The Oak & Iron Wave Pro Electric Pump also features a 6.5″ screen (larger than iPhone 14 Pro) that provides real-time information including battery life and pressure monitoring up to 0.1 Psi. Speaking of the battery, this pump runs on a rechargeable 6,000mAh battery that can fill up three paddle boards at once on a single charge without overheating thanks to its active cooling system. 

Conveniently, it not just inflates but also deflates thanks to its dual-action pumping and auto-stop functions. It also works with other outdoor gear with the addition of a 70cm extra-long air hose and six air nozzles, so it can be used on air beds, paddle boards, kayaks, pools, tents, inflatable boats, and more. It also has different sizes of silicone seals for increased compatibility and to prevent air leaks during pumping. 

The Oak & Iron Wave Pro Electric Pump is designed for the outdoors with its rugged and robust build. It’s also backed by 12 months of hassle-free warranty and lifetime technical support. 

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Images courtesy of Oak & Iron Store