Z.A.P.S.Gear Survival GrenadeWhen you find yourself in the wild outdoors, you’d better carry a Z.A.P.S. Gear Survival Grenade($75,00) with you. This thing just might save your life in a survival situation. Designed by a US Marine Scout Sniper, the Survival Grenade comes in different high-contrast colors, weighs only 11.5 ounces and it can be easily attached to your gear or carried in hand. It features a bunch of survival tools you’d need in the wilderness: compass, fire-starter with striker, knife blade, 1 gallon Ziploc bag for carrying water, steel shackle, wire saw, 30′ fishing line (50 Lb), 3 fish hooks, load bearing (350 Lb max) spring clip, 3 wire snares, 3 pieces of tinder, 6 sinkers, 2 barrel swivels, 1 sheet aluminum foil, 3 stormproof matches and match striker, large needle for small repairs/suturing, 20′ black thread, 6 water purification tablets with instructions, duct tape and whistle. All wrapped nicely in 45 feet of Paracord, the size of a hand grenade, designed to be easily unraveled when needed.

Oh, and if you don’t know how to operate any of these survival utensils, they’ve also included a user’s guide with additional survival tips. All water-proofed, of course. via

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