Yifeeling Design Lab takes a different approach in designing the Yuanye Outdoor Barbecue Grill. Unlike typical portable gas grillers that come as a single piece and with removable parts, this one offers more cooking space and has an elegant, modern, and sleek silhouette.

Winner of the 2022 Red Dot Design Concept Award, this portable cooker takes design inspiration from fashionable suitcases that showcase individuality. When closed, it looks like a compact carry-on with stainless steel grab handles encased in leather covers for protection. It opens and closes via metal case clamps located on both sides at the front. 

The Yuanye Outdoor Barbecue Gril also features what appears to be side vents for the heat to escape and collapsible metal stands to keep the griller sturdy during cooking. Once opened, it reveals dual grillers inside, one for meat and the other for vegetables. The cylindrical part is the gas tank and it features a dial, similar to a manual radio dial, to adjpickust the flame intensity.

There’s also an oil storage module included in the design and it’s concealed underneath each griller, ready to catch oil drops. Details are scarce but photo renders show that the grillers are also removable possibly for easy cleaning and overall product maintenance. Yifeeling Design Lab created this concept with the younger generation in mind. 

The Yuanye Outdoor Barbecue Grill would easily complement a modern lifestyle thanks to its aesthetically pleasing design, while offering a novel camping experience. Unfortunately, we may never know how it fares in regard to functionality as it’s a concept for now. 

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Images courtesy of Yifeeling Design Lab/Behance