Gamers who prefer Sony’s hardware ecosystem have been clamoring for a new entry in the handheld segment. The company’s last foray into the portable gaming space was with the PlayStation Vita (PSVita) launched in late 2011 to moderate success. Tried of waiting and likely just for kicks, YouTuber Matthew “DIY Perks” Perks took matters into his own hands and built a portable console dubbed the PS5 Tablet Edition.

Sadly, the PlayStation Portal was not what everybody wanted given it’s not a standalone game system but a streaming device only. The fact that it’s retailing for $199.99 with limited functionality pushed even the most die-hard Sony fanatic to give it a wide berth. Circling back to the custom creation in question, the steps appear complicated but are somewhat doable with the right tools and materials.

The project started with a PlayStation 5 taken apart and the motherboard separated from the rest of its components. Keep in mind the donor console came with a redesigned PCB which is significantly smaller than the launch units. The stock heatsink was too bulky for Perks’ planned form factor which meant it needed to be replaced. You can already tell the PS5 Tablet Edition build is not as straightforward as intitially thought.

Taking into account liquid metal’s interaction with copper, nickel plating the cooling block was a clever solution. To further enhance the thermal performance of its new setup, bi-directional fans were mounted along with 3D-printed parts for optimal airflow. In line with Sony’s two-tone black/white aesthetic, the PS5 Tablet Edition welcomed a bespoke housing in the same chromatic combo with cutouts for the ports and fans.

After reworking the internal power supply for external use via a barrel plug interface, attaching a display was the final step. He sourced a 14″ OLED panel from a damaged Alienware gaming laptop and applied a carbon fiber back plate to reinforce the otherwise fragile screen. The result is nothing short of remarkable as the PS5 Tablet Edition functioned perfectly. Sony needs to take pointers and come up with an official version in the future.

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